A Touhou Pride Month Zine


Got any other questions? Send us a DM @GensoColors

Check out the zine contribution guidelines and schedule here!

What can I make?
Anything related to Pride Month/LGBT themes. Shipping is ok! (WLW ships only.)

What can I not make?
No NSFW or suggestive material, Incest ships, any angst and/or heavy themes. Keep it lighthearted!

This is my first time being in a zine, can I join?
Of course! We would love to feature your contributions within our zine.

How will the zine be released?
The finished product will be released as a FREE digital PDF file in celebration of Pride Month.

Are writers allowed to join?
Yes, we hope to see some joining!

Will there be check-ins?
Check-ins will be done according to our schedule. However, if you cannot finish in time for a check-in, do not stress. Feel free to post your progress up to a week after. There will be no strike system. Most importantly, have fun!


Artist's Guidelines

Single page, portrait orientation: 1748x2480px
Double page, landscape orientation: 3508x2480px

Writer's Guidelines

Minimum word count: 1k words
Maximum word count: 2k words


Apply here!

Please make sure you have read over all of our rules/FAQ before applying!

We are very excited to see the various artists/writers who are joining our zine!


Keep in mind that this schedule may change due to any circumstances.

Applications Period

January 16 ~ February 6 — Applications Open!
February 6 — Applications Close!
February 7 ~ 10 — Sending out acception emails, gathering everyone in the Discord server

Creation Period

March 1 — Check-in #1
April 1 — Check-in #2
May 1 — Check-in #3
May 17 — Final pieces due!!

Zine Release

June 1 — Zine Released!!!


Our hard-working zine moderators!

Mod Reibyou

Hello! I'm Kris/Reibyou, I like to draw Touhou, and I am a moderator of this zine! My Twitter is @reibyous; feel free to contact me for any questions!

Mod Seki

Hi, I'm Seki, @haniyasushin on Twitter! I like Sekibanki, among other things. We hope you really enjoy this zine!

Mod Boon

Boonool, @DaBoonool on Twitter. Lover of fumos and foxes. I hope I can see this zine become top quality!